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We all agree that sheets are a critical part of our daily business. We do most of our complex arithmetic on them and even create daily routines and schedules on them. We have also developed creative ways of eliminating daily redundant tasks through the creation of automated commands and inputs that we love to call Macros. Well, guess what, you can now do it on Google Sheets! We have added this feature to help teams analyse and visualize their data

Record macros in sheets and skip mundane tasks:

We want to help companies automate work by approaching macros differently: Cloud-first. Let’s say you want to format a new data imports or build the same chart across multiple sheets of quarterly data. Repeating the same steps manually can take hours, but the sheets macro recorder lets you record those actions and play them back on command without having to write any code.

Here’s how it works: when you record a macro, sheets converts the macro action into an Apps Script automatically. If you want to update your macro, you can simply edit the script directly instead of having to re-record the macro from scratch. You can also write your own Apps Script functions and import them as macros.

The best part about sheets macros is that they’re built for use in cloud-based files, which means that teams can run macros at the same time that others are working in the sheet WITHOUT interrupting them. For example, a finance team having a budget meeting can run macros while reviewing the same spreadsheet. It also means that coworkers or clients won’t be forced to download sensitive files to use your macros. Since your Sheets are files in the cloud, you can keep tighter controls over who can view and re-share your data.

Artificial intelligence:

Our engineering team has also been hard at work to bring you the power of Google’s artificial intelligence into Sheets to help teams know what their data knows. The recent update on intelligent pivot tables in sheets also helps you to get new insights into your data, no matter how skilled you are at data analytics.

Google Sheet Macros

These latest additions are used to make Sheets a go-to resource for businesses and have already begun being rolled out. Companies are using Sheets for more collaborative data analytics.

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