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Pricing Comparison

1 Year Agreement ($/user/month 1 Month Agreement ($/user/month) 12 Month Agreement
G Suite basic Office 365 Business Essentials $5.00 $6.00 $60.00
Office 365 Business Plan $8.25 $10.00 $120.00
Office 365 Business Premium $12.50 $15.00 $180.00
G Suite Business $10 Office Enterprise E1 $8.00 Annual Commitment only $96.00
Office Enterprise E3 $20.00 Annual Commitment Only $240.00
G Suite Enterprise $25 Office Enterprise E5 $35.00 Annual Commitment Only $420.00
Office Enterprise Pro Plus $12.00 Annual Commitment Only $144.00

G Suite Pricing


1 Month Contract ($/user/month) 12 Month Contract
G Suite Basic $5.00 $50.00
G Suite Business $10.00 $120.00
G Suite Enterprise $25.00 $300.00

Comparison by Features

G Suite has a suite of features that transform the way you work. Employees are able to work anywhere and anytime across devices.

G Suite and Office 365 are the biggest competing productivity suites available on the Cloud market, and at first glance, you might think they are the same. However, they have some major differences which you should know before purchasing either of them.

I would stress the importance of not using price as the key reason for purchasing either, but more emphasis should be placed on the collaboration and increase in productivity, that each suite offers your company.

G Suite is Google’s solution to all business requirements when it comes to modern communication and data management. It combines important applications that are aimed at helping you increase collaboration and productivity. G Suite is comprised of: corporate Gmail (, Google Docs, Sheets (excel), Google Slides (powerpoint), Google Calendar, Drive for storage, Hangouts, Hangout Meet (video conferencing), Google Search (for content)

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