We are the leading G Suite, Google Cloud & Copper CRM partner in Kenya.

BusinessCom was founded in 2007 and has since then gained a reputation of being a necessary partner to over 200 companies globally.
Based in Nairobi, BusinessCom has grown steadily year on year, into a thriving partner to companies in several industries.
BusinessCom provides companies with solutions for email, collaboration, and cloud storage at work, throughout Africa.
We are an experienced Google Cloud Partner and pride ourselves for providing a platform from which companies, institutions and organizations can easily run their day to day business smoothly.

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Using Google Cloud Platform and G Suite to enable effective and positive change in organizational culture of collaboration and innovation to ensure growth in the Company’s productivity.


To be the industry leader on the Cloud based collaboration for organizations in Sub Saharan Africa



In the competitive landscape of our business, we are proud to remain untainted by the corruption that surrounds us by providing our clients with our expertise and ensuring we maintain strong principles and ethics.


Over the span of our lives, we may be able to replace a variety of important things, however, the one thing we cannot replace is time. We therefore ensure that we conduct all our business in a timely manner, so that your business runs smoothly and effectively.


We are passionate about building partnerships, and create long term relationships that benefit both our clients and ourselves, by ensuring that we provide relevant solutions that drive collaboration and innovation.


Our respect for our clients and partners is a culmination of all our values, and we do not take any of our clients for granted. Irrespective of size, all our clients are of utmost value to us and therefore we respect their investments at all times.

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